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ESSAY: “Still Life with Books: A Memoir,” MUSED: The BellaOnline Literary Review

ESSAY:“Grave Stories,” pif  magazine

ESSAY: “Poetry and the process of recovery: [How] W.H. Auden taught me we can go on

[post 9/11],” Philadelphia Inquirer


Flying Jack

by Kathye Fetsko Petrie; illustrated by Paula J. Mahoney; Foreword by Reeve Lindbergh

Type: Children's Picture Book; Age Level: 03-UP; ISBN:1563979713;  Publisher: Boyds Mills Press; Publication Date: September 2003; Language: English; Illustrations: Color and b&w;  Pages: 32; Publisher: Boyds Mills Press, 815 Church Street, Honesdale, PA  18431, Tel. 570-253-1166 Fax: 570-253-0179  

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Selected Author Interviews:

INTERVIEW WITH WILLIAM STYRON, Writers Notes #4; reprinted in Best New Writing 2007

INTERVIEW WITH MARY GORDON by Kathye Fetsko Petrie, Writers’ Notes #6

INTERVIEW WITH BEN YAGODA by Kathye Fetsko Petrie, Writers’ Notes #2


  1. Anthologized in Best New Writing 2007, Christopher Klim, ed., Hopewell Publications, (Interview with author William Styron, from Writers’ Notes #4, Spring 2005)

•Anthologized in Motherhoot: The Lighter Side of Motherhood, Margaret G. Bigger, ed., A. Borough Books, 1999  (“I’m Big” original contribution)

•Anthologized in Progressions: Readings for Writers, Betsy Hilbert, ed., W.W. Norton, 1998 (excerpt from The Sun "Readers Write: "Watching Television July 1996


PSA Journal: The monthly magazine of the Photographic Society of America

•Numerous articles and book reviews as editor-in-chief and staff writer, 1980-1982

Lady's Circle (national magazine)

•"Strangers, Friends and Angels,” essay, November/December 1994

Parents Express (local monthly magazine)

  1.     "Booking a Mini-Course in American History," essay/book roundup, Jan./Feb. 1997

•     "Look into My Eyes," essay, July/August 1997

•     “Kids Take a Page from Grown-up Book Clubs, feature story, January 1998

•“Turned Off to TV,” essay, April 1998

•“Winning the Chore Wars,” article/essay, February 1999

•“The New Kid's Bookseller on the Block.” profile, November 1999

•“Turn It Off! Radio personality, writer, former film critic (oh, and Philly native) Michael Medved divulges why he thinks every day should be TV-Turn-Off Day," feature story, April 2000

•"Two-for-One Texts: Children's books that make for intriguing reading for adults and kids for the summer and all year through," combination personal essay/round-up feature story on why children's books are not just for kids, July/August 2000

•"Why We Decided to Homeschool: One mother's story of teaching her child how to love learning again,” essay plus sidebar, September 2000

•"A Slant of Sun: A Special Needs Parenting Memoir for Everyone,” book review, October 2000

•"Coloring Outside the Lines: Helping Your Kids Erase Racial Boundaries," cover story plus sidebar, November 2000; reprinted in Ohio, Texas and Australia, and on the Family Fun magazine website

•"Birthday Party Ideas or Bust: Local mom/author takes the guesswork out of kids' birthday party planning," Parents Express, March 2001

  1.   "Fresh Prince's Homage to Fatherhood: Philly native and media phenom Will Smith writes father/son celebration," Parents Express, book review, May 2001

The Sun (literary magazine)

•"Readers Write" essay on topic "Watching Television" (July 1996)

Temple Review (alumni magazine)

•"Doing Windows: Michael Fisher,” profile, Summer 2000

Main Line Today

"Track Life", essay, April 2007

“MAN ON THE MOON: Close Encounters with Neil Armstrong,” essay, July 2009

American Nurseryman

•“Using CURB APPEAL to increase your business,” feature, November 2002

Pennsylvania Homeschoolers

•‘Why We Homeschooled,” essay (reprint), Spring 2002

Writers Notes (literary magazine)

  1.    Interview with author Ben Yagoda, Writers’ Notes #2, Spring 2004

•    Interview with author William Styron, Writers’ Notes #4, Spring 2005

•Interview with author Mary Gordon, Writers’ Notes #6, Spring 2006

•"Time of Death," essay, Writers’ Notes #5, Fall 2006

The Writer

•“What’s in a Name?” short feature, February 2007

Heritage Monthly

•“Fair-weather friends: From weathercocks to flying pigs, feature, circa 1980

Pennsylvania Gardener

•“Creating an “Image Garden,” co-author, feature, January/February 2012


The Dartmouth Chronicle

  1. “Writers William and Rose Styron to speak at UMD on Sunday,” news story, 5/3/ 2000

Daily Orange

  1. Numerous articles as editor, staff writer and reporter, 1975-1977

Delaware County (PA) Daily Times

  1.     “I read it in the funny papers,” commentary, 2/17/1993

  1.     “Harry Potter gets kids excited about reading,” guest column, 6/28/2003

News of Delaware County

      •    “A Little-Known Marple Cemetery,” guest column, June 7, 1989

Philadelphia Inquirer

•"Cathy's Song,” essay, Sunday Magazine, 2/26/89

•“White Dog author took fortuitous path to writer's life,” profile, 12/2/93

  1.     “Poetry and the process of recovery: How W. H. Auden taught me we can go on” commentary, 10/15/2001

Pocono Record

•Numerous articles as full-time reporter, summer 1975

The Providence Journal (Rhode Island)

     •    “Shoo: Nocturnal Encounter with an Age-Old Mystery,” essay, 1980

The Swarthmorean (PA)

•“The Superintendent & the Samurai,” feature story, October 16, 1999

•"A Slant of Sun,” book review, 1999

•“Thank You, Mr. Falker,” book review, children’s book, 6/11/1999

Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader by Ann Fadiman, nonfiction book review, 2/19/1999

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby, nonfiction book review, 2/6/1998

•“Introducing Maine Kids to Swarthmore’s Black Culture,” feature, June 9, 2000

Book Reviews:

The Compulsive Reader

        •    Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader by Ann Fadiman, nonfiction book review, 8/17/2003


       •    A Slant of Sun by Beth Kephart, nonfiction book review, 9/30/2003 (reprint)

       •    The Diving Bell and The Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby, nonfiction book review, 9/15/2003                   

       •    Leon’s Story by Leon Walter Tillage, nonfiction book review, 9/1/2003